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"For where your treasure is,

there will your heart be also."

- Matthew 6:21



We are here to honor the charitable spirit of Mike Epplen by providing financial assistance to Not-For-Profit Organizations in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati areas. These donations will provide assistance to undeserved youth, educational organizations, and local food banks. Our goal is to ensure an equal playing field for everyone that we touch.

Our Executive and Board Structure is currently as follows:

Board Chairperson:  Kelly Epplen

President:  Jeffrey Epplen

Vice President:  David J. Epplen

Secretary:  Karen Epplen

Treasurer:  Jennifer Epplen

Board Members:

Susan Black

Steven Epplen

Krista Epplen

Daniel Epplen

Dawn Karas

Charles (C.R.) Adams

Abigail Epplen

James (Max) Epplen

Zoe Epplen

Sam Epplen

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